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Automotive Services You Probably Don27t Need

Have you ever gone in for a simple oil change and someone came back with a long list of services they recommend for your vehicle? If so, watch this video. #ETCGVideo #Ad #Sponsored

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How To Save Your Vehicle From Rust

**Sponsored Video** I recently took my rusty 2004 Honda Element to get Krown Rust protected. To say I was impressed doesn’t begin to describe it. I almost want to go out and drive in the salt to dare the Element to rust more.

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Can You Go a Full Year Without Changing Your Oil

You’ve been waiting a year for this video! The results from the 1 Year Oil Change Challenge are here. Last year, Mobil 1 reached out and challenged me to try their new product Mobil 1 Annual Protection in my Honda Odyssey. This video contains the results of that testing!

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What is Metal Rescue

How do you get rid of rust but not the other stuff that the rust may be covering up? Metal Rescue is your solution. It's an environmentally friendly solution to this very problem.

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**Sponsored Content** Go to your local PepBoys now to purchase Mobil 1™ Annual Protection: http://bit.ly/2qs0yUt Mobil 1™ Annual Protection’s Web Page: http://mobil.co/2qF2cyL Good for one full year or 20,000 miles! (whichever comes first). Sponsored by Mobil 1™ Annual Protection

When Mobil1 reached out and asked if I'd be willing to do a video with their new oil, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try something different. Instead of doing a regular oil change video, I thought I would mix things up a little and do some real testing of the product.