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This is a list of the most common issues we see on the login part of the site.  If you do not see your issue listed here please email us at to get your account working.

Q: I can not log in to the site. Tells me there is errors with my login?

A: Chances are you were a user on the old forum and you have a login already.  Try and do a password reset using the email you signed up with.

Q: I tried to sign up for the site and i was unable to and had errors when i hit submit.

A: Chances are that the email or username are already registered on the site and when you try and sign up it will give you errors because that username or email is already in use.  Do a username recovery and then a password reset to gain access to your account.  If you can not figure out the email or no longer have access to the email you can email us at

Q: I receive an error when I try and log in and it looks like this: "Login denied! Your account has either been blocked or you have not activated it yet."

A: It is because you did not click on the activation link in the activation email that was sent to you. It is possible it ended up in your spam/bulk email  folder. If you still have issues or cannot find the email please email us at

Q: I was not signed in when i went to purchase a Streaming VManual or Subscription and i created an account and now i do not have access to the Streaming Content i purchased.

A: Because you were not logged in when you went to purchase Streaming Content and you signed up as a new user usually tied to your PayPal account and when you paid you paid for the account that was created and not the one you usually use.  You will need to email us at so we can sort this out.  Please make sure you are logged in before you commit to buying streaming content!

Q: When i try to log in i get a message that my account has been blocked.

A; You did not click the activation link in the email from the site. You will receive 2 emails when you sign up.  The 1st one will be a notification that you signed up for the news letter and 2nd email will be a website welcome email and activation link that you MUST click to have access to your new account. Often times it is found in your SPAM/BULK email folder or in the great beyond. If you can not find the email please email us at and we will help you within 24 hours, usually sooner.

Q: What should i include in my email to

A: Email us from the email that you created the account with and exactly what error you are encountering.  Please give us your username.