Best way to patch a cracked Hyundai Santa Fe radiator support frame

6 months 2 weeks ago #200897 by dmw
My mother in law clipped a short brick wall pushing the front of her Santa Fe fender into the headlight and cracking the radiator support frame (Hyundai part number: 64101-0W000) at the outside point past the headlight. I've removed the fender and headlight and the piece remains intact in that nothing is drooping or shattered off.

My father is a diesel mechanic and agreed it's worth trying to patch it in place of replacing the entire frame for $600+ and requiring to take it all apart. My idea is to sandwich the crack with copper plate cut to match, using a boat glue and perhaps a narrow gauge bolt drilled through (copper is more flexible than steel or aluminum, which I would hope allows the entire bracket to flex).

But, I'm wondering if anyone has any better ideas of how I might patch the crack. Thanks

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