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2 weeks 20 hours ago #203522 by Bashy1
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Hi, I have a 2015 audi A4 SE Ultra Tecknik and the check engine light came on. I took it to the mechanic and he said there was dirt in the throttle housing and he cleaned it out and added a fuel additive to it. He said that MIGHT fix it. I left the garage and an hour later it came on again. Took it back to him and he said that the computer said that secondary pump for the coolant need to be replaced. So it wants me to bring it back to him. I initially gave him €150 for cleaning the throttle housing and the additive and now I feel that the issue should be sorted and I shouldn't have to keep going back. I'm conscious that as a female the could be taking advantage of the fact that I don't know much about cars. I watched a video on how to clean the throttle housing and it doesn't seem like a job that should cost that much.

So can someone who knows more about things give me some advice? Does it sound ligitimate, should he have fixed it the first time he put it on the computer? Does it sound like he's making a meal out of it and trying to get as much money as possible from me?

Thanks for any advice,


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2 weeks 19 hours ago #203523 by relative4
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If you don't trust your mechanic, get a second opinion. If you want to fix it yourself, start by buying or borrowing an OBD / VAG-COM scanner.

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2 weeks 2 hours ago #203527 by Bashy1
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I am asking if this sounds reasonable to someone who knows about cars. I was coming here for a second opinion.

I have no issue with doing things myself, on my older cars I used to change the oil and filters and spark plugs myself. But when I look under the bonnet of audi now it looks so complicated.

Also I don't own a computer, so I thought bringing it to a mechanic he would either say it straight and tell me what needs doing, not have me coming back for a third time and still saying he's not sure if that will fix it. My question was, does this seem reasonable to you.

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