2010 Acura TSX Brake Pad thickness

3 days 8 hours ago #202912 by T16
I recently changed the front Brake pads and rotors on my 2010
Acura TSX. I purchased Autozone rotors (with the black coating) , and Autozone Duralast Gold Ceramic front pads. New autozone front pads measured 7mm, and New pads from the Acura dealer measure 11mm.. Why is there a difference? Would I get more life out of my brakes going with the thicker pads from Acura?

Also, I ran Into a similar issue with the rear pads. I measured the existing pad which is 5mm. I looked at Autozone Duralast Gold rear pads and they measure at 5mm.
Acura rear pads measure at 8mm.

Thanks for your help!

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