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I have an 08 chrysler t/c 3.8 engine that has a/c problems. I put it on a manifold gauge and the reading pointed toward the compressor which the clutch was not engaging, just to be sure I checked the voltage which had 11.5 volts to it. I had the system discharged at a local repair shop and pulled the compressor and accumulator and than evacuated the system. The vacuum held at the negative side of 0 which i believe means there were no leaks. I started to recharge the system and had a hard time getting the r134a in and the the gage went to 0. There were no leaks as far as the vacuum pump showed so what did I do wrong? what would the cause of my ac not taking or holding a charge?

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First, the clutch has a fail safe that will not activate until it has a certain pressure built up. If you have nothing in the system, the Clutch WILL NOT engage. When you add refrigerant after roughly 60% to 70% of the required amount, you will see it start to kick on.

You should have gotten a reading around 22-25 inches of mercury (the gauge below zero) This should have held for at least 30 minutes after you have turned off the vacuum pump. You don't pull vacuum then just turn it off and disconnect it. You have to watch it for several minutes after you shut the pump off. The longer the better, I go with 30 minutes.

Your leak could be in the schrader valves or in the seal of the Compressor. Those are the most likely locations.

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