700r4 shifting issues

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700r4 shifting issues was created by Cleyd
I have a 88 Silverado 305. She has a 700r4. 98,750 miles

I've been having issues with the tranny shifting. From 1st to 2nd, it is etremely delayed, almost like it is skipping second and going straight into 3rd, also no overdrive. When she finally decides to shift and and I lean into the throttle the slightest bit, the engine wraps up like its gone back down to first. I have already adjusted the TV cable, replaced the governor, and done a fluid and filter change. When I dropped the pan there was no chunks on the magnet, it was actually surprisingly clean for its age.

A little advice and a point in the right direction would be appreciated, I really don't feel like yanking the transmission at this time, but its looking like its going to be the case.

Thanks, Cole L.
Torrance, CA
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