1991 Isuzu Impulse RS check engine light

3 months 1 week ago - 3 months 1 week ago #202848 by Quasi
When im driving the car will run fine but as im driving and it is coasting after about 15-20 seconds the the check engine light will come on and the car will start running bad. This happened one night and i saw smoke come out. Im not sure if it was white or blueish because it was night time but it was one of those colors. If i stop and turn the car off and on the light goes away and it runs normal again. Ive tried putting it into diagnostic mode but the only code it flashed was for VSS. I was wondering what could be causing the light to shows up. The previous owner mentioned something about it only happening when coasting downhill and it having too much vaccuum pressure but ive learned it doesnt matter if its a hill or not.
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