'03 acura mdx transmissioon rebuild

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3 months 2 weeks ago #202807 by plott hound
'03 acura mdx transmissioon rebuild was created by plott hound
I bought a '03 mdx for a spare car.unit is immaculate,no rust runs great.ive done a bunch of matinence on it,new brakes,rad and hoses,complete fluid change the only issue left to contend with is a NFG transmission.my wife has the exact same car now as a daily driver but its starting to develop a severe cas of road cancer which is a shame since I had the transmission rebuilt in it 2 years ago and the engine runs great.i figure ive got a year to get the spare mdx on the road so that's lots of time to decide what to do.i can see 3 options have the transmission rebuit,swap transmission from the daily driver or attempt to rebuild the transmission myself.was wondering how difficult it is to tackle the latter?


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3 months 2 weeks ago #202810 by CrankyGuy
Replied by CrankyGuy on topic '03 acura mdx transmissioon rebuild
Just letting you know, you are not alone on this task.
I have the same predicament on my Ford Ranger, to me it is both a nightmare but also a dream to do this kind of work. However, it is not an easy job and it will require at least a week of labor to finish it. Since you have two of the same I will just swap it and done with it so your wife can have a working car again and tackle the bad transmission on your own but only if you like doing mechanic work. Otherwise, leave to the shop to do. In my case I am fixing the transmission on the Ford, it will be a big project for me, but I love to do my own maintenance on my three vehicles.

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