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2 months 1 week ago #201917 by BackboneJay
2016 compass No crank, No start was created by BackboneJay
I'm working on a 2016 jeep compass. I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the TIPM. Its a No Crank, No start issue. When the failure occurred, the vehicle slowed down and the wipers started erratic movement and the dash lit up like 2hen the ignition is turned to the on position. The car was steadily decreasing speed even though the throttle was all the way engaged. The vehicle was then pulled to a stop and turned off. When turned back on it started, but dash lights all stayed on and the only code was No Bus. The vehicle drove fine for a few miles back , pulled over but would not shut down. Shortly after the radio came on by itself and the negative cable had to be removed to shut it down. When the cable was reconnected the jeep would not start. Just the dash and gauge lights, and headlights, came on and it showed NO BUS. This is still what it does. I tried taking the negative cable off and let it rest for a half hour before reconnecting it, but it still had the same problem and symptoms. I tried a hard reset by removing both battery cables and zip tieing them together over night. No luck with that either. Prior to doing this the battery had died because it sat for almost a month before I got it. It sat from right after the cable had to be removed to shut it down. Anyway I charged the battery prior to the hard reset. When that didn't work the 1st thing I did was Che k the fuses in the TIPM , I almost forgot, the day the battery had to be disconnected to shut it down, the IOD fuses were removed, checked good, and reinserted. So, all of the under the hood fuses were good, but I noticed some green and white in a few of the fuse terminals.One note, I was told that when this problem started the TIPM cover was not attached and there was Ice formed around the IOD FUSES. so the next thing I checked was the relay box. All of the wires and connectors were in excellent shape. I haven't tested the relays yet but that's next on my list. Then I removed the TIPM and took it apart so I could check the resistors etc. There was a good amount of green, white and brown dust when I opened it up and several of the male fuse blades were corroded. There were also several of the diodes for some of the sensors had green and white corrosion built up, but all of the resistors looked good. So I cleaned all of the diodes and fuse connections and have it looking good now. I also checked all of the plugs to the TIPM and all the wires are secure and clean.so, I am going to check the relays tomorrow and plug the TIPM back in and pray to Jesus it's fixed. The only thing that has me worried is most of the other people who had this problem when I googled it had the No Bus go away after resetting the TIPM by removing the negative battery cable. So, I need some help. Am I way off track? Or do you think I will have to put the big bucks out for a new TIPM if it still don't work when I plug it back in? I also have not checked the inside fuses which I will do tomorrow. Also, this key is a normal key, it don't have remote start or a fob, but I don't know if the TIPM still has the capabilities for remote start installed or if that could be the issue. Also, the control module is connected to the TIPM and is the part that had gunked up diodes that I cleaned. I also don't know if the TIPM has factory antitheft capabilities installed, but I know it's not active. Please give me some advice. Thanks.
16 compass, 2 litre, 2wd, aprox 70k.

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