Drivers door wont lock or unlock with fob

2 months 2 weeks ago #201839 by mojo353
hi guys,
Im having an issue with a 2007 Ford Focus, I cant lock or unlock the drivers door with the key fob. Its fine with the other doors and trunk .... just the drivers door.
I can lock and unlock with the key just fine or lock or unlock from inside the car by the lock unlock switch on the door no problem ...... just the key fob wont do it.
I can hear the motor running but its as if something isn't engaging.
I've dismantled the door and removed the locking mechanism and door handle etc expecting to see something broken off but there is nothing.
I've plugged it back in and operated it in my hands with the fob and nothing - I can feel the motor running but wont lock or unlock ?
I searched the owners manual and there is a procedure to program the fob to either open all or just one door (Assuming just the drivers door) - supposed to hold lock and unlock down together for 4 seconds and flashers blink twice to indicate its in programming mode but mine flashes three times and lights on fob flash red ?? Hold both buttons together again for 4 seconds to toggle in and out of all or one door opening and so on...... Have tried all that but no difference ?
Any insight ?

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