2011 Ford Explorer FWD hit a curb and broke something in the wheel

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2 months 2 weeks ago #201823 by xskvisions6
So last night I was driving around a curve and ended up taking too tight of a turn. I ended up hitting a curb with the front right wheel. I hit it at about a 60 degree angle. I felt a loud bang and jolt, then the car ended up skidding to a stop. I tried to drive the car to the next side street so that I would not be in the middle of the lane, but the car would not move at all. After getting out of the car I saw that the front right wheel was at about a 50-60 degree angle facing away from the car, when the steering wheel was straight. The only description I can give is: think of the wheels normally being alligned like this: | | (top down view). Now the wheels looked like this | /, but the front wheel was rotated more than that. When the car was being lifted, I noticed that it looked like the wheel was only being held onto the car by the upper suspension (im not a car guy, so I dont know what it is called. Basically the wheel was being held onto the car by 1 thing towards the top of the wheel). It looked like everything else was broken off from that part down. There was also a bit of liquid on the tire and ground, so im guessing that might be brake fluid.
I had it towed to the dealership last night because it wouldnt move at all, and the dealership is going to look at it today and give me an estimate on what needs to be fixed.
What will probably need to be fixed and how much do you think that it will cost?

The best picture that could resemble what it looked like was the attached picture: (however the wheel was not that turned and there was only a few drops of liquid on the ground.

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2 months 2 weeks ago #201824 by nightflyr
Just guessing with out actually seeing the damage...
Outer tie rod
Possible steering rack
Possible strut
Possible knuckle assembly
Possible brake hose / hard line / caliper
Possible tire and rim

As to cost..
You have it a a dealership so do not expect a low estimate for parts and labor
Ball park ( only a guess ) $1,500.00 - $4,000 if there is no frame damage.

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2 months 2 weeks ago #201825 by relative4
The inner tie rod is more likely to be broken than the outer, but entirely possible they'll both need replacement.
Also lower control arm(s).
As nightflyr said, the dealership is the wrong place for this. Unless you file a collision claim with your insurance, in which case the dealership is fine. They'll outsource any frame work to a body shop.

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