Do dealership service dept's have to get parts from specific sources?

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Not going to name and shame for now, as in the past the dealer has given us good service, even decent service at the worst. Are car dealers required to get parts from specific sources? We have a vehicle in need of a front driveshaft, from the transfer case to the differential. That vehicle has now been sitting at the dealership service dept for roughly 6 weeks. It started as a 1 week job, then was pushed back to 2, then 4.... the time to get the part keeps getting pushed back. And that while they can get parts from alternative sources, those parts would not only be more expensive.... yeah right, but those parts wouldn't be covered by ANY warranty. Yet we can take it to another shop and get it repaired, which will include a 5 year warranty. It has been ours since new, 2007, and has always been serviced by the dealer. I understand that past 10 years, manufacturers do not have to keep parts in stock. I don't have an issue with that part of it, but how come other mechanics will warranty the parts from other sources but the dealer will not since it cannot seem to get factory parts?

As I called yesterday, and now the part isn't expected until the 15th, which will put the time spent in the shop at around 2 months. The driveshaft wasn't the only issue, the others were already repaired. And while they are always slow, never had to deal with anything like this before. I've checked multiple parts sources, the part is available, some of them are even actual new manufacturer parts.

Currently shopping other repair shops now. Which my wife doesn't really want to do, as it has always been serviced at dealerships, even when traveling.. But it gotten well beyond ridiculous.
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For this reason and many others, dealerships are generally not the best choice for repairs out of warranty.

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