Honda Accord Hyundai Elantra Wheel Swap

2 months 2 weeks ago #201798 by scarney

I wasn't able to get the forum search working, so I apologize if a similar question has been asked before.

That said, I have 1996 Honda Accord with a set of older Kuhmo Ecsta LX Platinum tires and a 2003 Hyundai Elantra with a new set of Michelin Premier A/S tires. I plan on keeping the Accord and selling the Elantra, so I'd like to take the Michelin's off the Elantra before I sell it. The Kuhmo's are 185/65R15 and the Michelin's are 195/60R15.

Originally, I was going to take cars to a shop and have the tires swapped. From what I found on , the Honda's wheels are 5.5 inches wide, while the Elantas are 6.0 inches wide. My research indicated that a 5.5 inch wheel could take a 195mm wide tire, and that a 6.0 inch wheel can take a 185mm tire.

However, at around $15-$20 for a mount and balance, I started thinking about just swapping the wheels and saving $150. Again from , the Honda wheels are 5.5JJx15 ET50 and the Elantra wheels are 6Jx15 ET46. The total height and width of the Honda wheel/tire combination is 24.5 by 7.3. For the Elantra the height and width is 24.2 by 7.7 . So my question is, with such a close a size and offset, can I just swap the wheels from car to the other. The bolt pattern on both wheels is 4x114.3.

Long story short, I was going to swap the wheels and check for fitment issues. If there aren't any fitment issues, I'm good to go. I'm looking for confirmation that my logic makes sense, and just wanted some advice on anything I should look out for. I understand the speedometer will be slightly off. I see on tire rack, you can buy wheels for the Honda up to seven inches wide. I'm assuming they would only sell wheels that would fit, and thus I'd be fine running the six inch wheel from the Elantra.

Lastly, the only thing that might hold me back is that the Elantra wheels have double the mileage, 200,000 versus 100,000. However, I didn't think for steel wheels that it would make a difference at all, so long as the wheels weren't damaged in some way. Thanks for reading, any input is greatly appreciated.


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