When to replace my trucks motor

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2 months 2 weeks ago #201792 by sixteenacrewood
When to replace my trucks motor was created by sixteenacrewood
Hi everyone! I'm new here but I've been following Eric on Youtube for a while.

My truck; 1993 GMC C 1500, 5.7 L, 415,000 miles original motor, no rust, but no beauty queen, daily driver work truck, plus 200 mile round trip every Saturday getting my work to a farmer's market where I make my living.
10 years ago she blew an oil cooler line and ran dry of oil, so she blows some smoke, coolant puddles on the intake.
I believe she is burning coolant as there is a white frosting buildup on the plugs after a year, and she blows white rather than blue smoke, but does not fog up the neighborhood.
needs around a pint of coolant every 200 miles and a quart of oil every 6-800 miles.
I am thinking bad intake or bad intake gasket.
Decent acceleration and can still tow a trailer with around 5k lbs, No trouble on the interstate.

The only drivability issue is a but of hesitation when up to speed at steady throttle, only happens when 45 plus MPH, a little jerky feeling while holding steady speed, goes away when decelerating or accelerating.
There is no oil in the coolant, and no coolant in the oil and no oil leaks.

My question;
When do I give up on this engine and get a lower mileage replacement or remanufactured one? I would rather schedule a replacement rather than waiting on a brake down.
Is there a way to estimate a possible life span?
These symptoms have been unchanged for around 5 years.
I do have AAA Silver Plan, so I can get home when the inevitable happens.

I would like to fix the hesitation issue

Before suggesting I give up on the whole truck, she is otherwise mechanically sound and drives perfectly for what I need

Parts under 5 years old;
entire front end, brakes front and rear, new calipers, fuel pump assy, injectors, fuel reg, transmission, water pump, power steering pump, etc.
still cheaper than my wife's car payment, plus I enjoy working on her.

Advice has ranged from "keep driving it" to " replace intake" to Replace Motor soon"

Sorry for the long post

Any input and suggestions would help

Thanks Steve

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2 months 2 weeks ago #201793 by nightflyr
Replied by nightflyr on topic When to replace my trucks motor
5.7 L, 415,000 miles original motor
I'd venture to say you more than got your monies worth from that ole' girl.
Investing in a replacement engine is still less expensive than purchasing a new truck and any issues that may come with a second hand one.
At least you know this ones history.

As to: " Is there a way to estimate a possible life span? "
Sorry, but there is no way to know for certain.
But given the age and mileage a good bet is not far off.
My advise...
Use what time you have with it wisely.
Keep driving it while,
Doing your research on a replacement engine, be it a re -manufactured, scrape yard unit.
Better to do things when your not forced into it.
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