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2 months 2 weeks ago #201746 by jedwa1216
honda pilot transfer case was created by jedwa1216
My 2006 honda pilot AWD has been making a grinding/gear not meshing noise for about the last 20k miles. It only happens when accelerating in a turn from a stop. I have changed the transfer case gear oil twice now with no change to the problem. I have used 75/80 GL5 in both conventional and synthetic. No help. The car has 220k miles on it.

I have read of one instance where someone thought they had a bad bearing in the transfer case and attributed that to the same noise in their vehicle. Does that sound possible? If so would it be the tail shaft or the pinion gear? Is turning the wheel and applying power just putting more force on the system and causing it to skip or is something physically moving (or not) inside the transfer case when a turn is executed?

Is it possible to remove the transfer case without removing the trans?

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