2000 Civic EX -- Issues with low end hesitation when at operating temp

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6 months 1 week ago - 6 months 1 week ago #201512 by kevjitzoo
I am having an issue with my 2000 Civic EX (D16Y8) where it struggles on the low end especially on WOT. The issue only presents itself when it is at normal operating temperatures, but if it is cold (starting up first thing in the morning and driving off) it runs normal with no lack of power. I have done a bunch of troubleshooting already and running out of ideas on what to do next.

Things I have done recently (I know not all of these pertain to my issue, but I thought I'd list it anyway):
-Replaced fuel filter -- Fuel pump works fine
-Replaced spark plug wires
-Gapped and replaced spark plugs
-Replaced manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor
-Cleaned throttle body
-Cleaned idle air control (IAC) valve
-Replaced catalytic converter
-Replaced timing belt
-Set ignition timing to 12 degrees BTC
-Tested throttle position sensor (TPM -- .5 idle / 4.5 WOT)
-Unplugged primary o2 sensor to see if issue is still present -- Yes, the issue is still present
-Replaced head gasket
-Replaced distributor o-ring
-Replaced oil pan gasket

I am not sure if it is a bad distributor, but I will pull apart the cap and rotor later this week to see if there is any corrosion present. Only thing that I have not done is replaced the ECU, both o2 sensors, and check compression.

If you have any ideas on what I should try next, it would be of great help!

-When engine is cold it runs fine
-When engine is warm (normal operating temp) it has hesitation all the way up until 2700 rpms
-Replaced, checked, and serviced certain things already
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6 months 1 week ago #201517 by relative4
One common cause of that symptom is a vacuum leak. Have you smoke tested? What are your fuel trims at idle, 2500, and 4000?

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6 months 1 week ago #201518 by HondaLove
If I remember correctly the pcv valve is a PITA to get to, underneath the intake manifold I think. Maybe that could be contributing? The only other thing you didn't mention is the ECT sensor, I'm not expert at testing those components, but I am a big fan of salvage yards as a source for things that i might need. On a 7th gen civic I had an ect sensor intermittently fail and give me stalling problems, after i replaced it the problem seemed to be resolved.

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