Put Motorkote in my 01 Honda CRV rear diff will it help? hinder? disaster?

6 months 1 week ago #201451 by Maast
Hi there, first post. A couple weeks ago I put 1.5oz of motorkote in my rear diff when I changed the dual pump fluid out because it was making noise.

I just saw a video by ETCG and in passing he mentioned on how the dual pump fluid viscosity works with the diff to engage the rear wheels and I'm afraid I might have screwed something up. Considering I'm driving up the Alcan to Anchorage Alaska in a week I'm REALLY going to need a fully functioning 4WD system going up the road.

I'm out of the dual pump fluid that I bought from Amazon, and the local Autozone & O'reilly parts store dont stock it. I'm in a time crunch, if I need to replace it I need to order it today to get here on time for my Saturday departure.

Any advice? I'm a poor-at-best mechanic so any guidance would be really appreciated.


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6 months 1 week ago #201452 by Maast
Did some more reading, the answer is disaster - but not from a viscosity thing.

From what I read the rear diff works by having two opposed hydraulic pumps, as long as all 4 wheels are spinning at the same rate the pumps cancel each other out. If the front wheels start spinning there is a pressure imbalance which opens a valve which engages a wet clutch that sends power to the wheels.

The problem is because motorkote is a friction reducer and with a wet clutch it'll slip and not get the power to the wheels where I need it. Motorkote themselves say to only use a very small amount in wet clutches and I've way exceeded that amount.

So I ordered the DPF from Amazon and I'll be changing it out as soon as it gets here, at least I still have a lifetime supply of diff crush washers and the bottle pump.

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