Oil level: read while engine is running or cold and drained? '99 Accord ex

6 months 1 week ago #201481 by F23A1
I was thinking the 5w20 might be responsible, but since this car was abused and there are quite possibly oil passages partially clogged, and it's -40 here, that a 5w20 would get into the engine quicker.

I'll top it up with the 5w30 and consider doing a full swap. At this point I'm putting $10 of gas at a time because I really don't know if it will blow up or not, although I'm probably more paranoid than required.

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6 months 6 days ago #201492 by hondaguy453
I gotcha, I can understand the reasoning behind it. Let us know if it still burns! If it does, you should do a compression and leak down test to see what the engine is doing. Also, pull the plugs to see if there's oil on them.

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6 months 6 days ago - 6 months 5 days ago #201494 by F23A1
Will do! I was actually really worried about the oil on the plugs because I pulled them twice before my buddy hooned the car and I changed the oil and while they were clearly used there wasn't any significant fouling.

When I got the car back after buddy "tried to break it", the engine was misfiring and it didn't want to start, so I pulled the plugs to clean them and saw a big 'drop' of oil covering the electrodes on one, and another glob of fried oil joining the two electrodes in another cylinder.

I thought this might be a head gasket issue, a buddy told me it was probably the piston rings and to use a synthetic oil, which I already had. But if it was the rings wouldn't the pistons be wet with oil? I checked all 4, they all looked a little dirty but dry, and the spark plugs appeared to have been 'dripped off' like oil had ran down them and dripped off. Would this be the valve cover and spark gaskets? I replaced those and haven't had any misfires since but I haven't pulled the sparks since the gasket was installed. There has never been any oil in the spark plug wells.

I'll fill up the oil with some 5w30 and see if the level dropped after a week or so, and if it did I'll try to figure out a cheap and dirty way to do a compression test. I've seen people do it with assorted compressor hose, fittings and gauges. I have never heard of a leak down test though, so I'm looking forward to watching some videos on how to do that.
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