2011 Toyota Sienna LE P0057 and Occasional extended crank

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6 months 1 week ago #201381 by Toyotaman1996
Having some issues with our 2011 toyota sienna. We bought this van used almost two years ago. A few months back it started throwing the P0057 DTC around the same time we began experiencing an extended crank time before the van would start. If the engine is still warm it will restart fine if you drive it somewhere and it sits a few hours it will have to crank more before it starts than what is normal. One thing to note is however after sitting overnight the first start of a morning it fires right up as it always did. I am needing some advice and what direction I should try to go. This van is drove a lot currently has almost 170,000 miles on it. How big of an issue is P0057 I know looking it up it says something to the effect of heater control circuit low on the heated o2 sensor for bank 2 sensor 2.

Van overall runs great no big drastic change in the fuel mileage at all do you all think the p0057 could cause the extended crank up if not what are you guys thoughts on this I realize many things can cause this kind of an issue. I have noticed running some good quality fuel treatment the issue will clear up for a couple of three weeks or so maybe a month at most then return the extended cranking. The van did not do this when we first got it or the first year and half or so of owning it. I am going to link a video I took around when this first started happening to show the extended cranking. In the video the van had been drove home and sat for maybe 3 3 and half hours

Link showing the extended crank:

I just wander if the sensor is causing this or maybe do I need to have one of those crazy fuel system cleanings done and maybe have the throttle body itself cleaned

Thanks in advance for anybody that can chime in with any tips on this.

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