350 TBI won’t rev past 4500 rpm

6 months 2 weeks ago - 6 months 2 weeks ago #201372 by Kieran
350 TBI won’t rev past 4500 rpm was created by Kieran
I recently did a engine swap on an old 1991 k1500, 305 to 350. New engine runs fine just won’t rev past about 4500 rpm (I don’t have a tachometer). When rpm goes that high the engine just starts to stutter and won’t climb, also produces no power. My transmission is a manual and this stutter is right at my shifting point. I also cannot downshift to pass. I have tried my timing everywhere between 0° to 12° advance, I cannot find any leaks in the intake manifold or throttle body, fuel pressure regulator is good. I have talked to a few of my mechanic freinds and they have no idea either.
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