PLZ help. 2000 accord replaced clutch selonoids,now immed after shift sel code!

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Hey guys/gals,
I have a 2000 accord v6 with 225,000 miles. Runs great, but past couple weeks once in a while if I would accelerate to fast from stop it would slip and D4 light would blink and chk engine light come on. Code p1768. A/T Clutch Pressure Control Solenoid A and B.

(Straight to the point) *Complete Info down below*
Changed a/t clutch pressure control solenoid a /b and immediately after, the car will not shift passed 2nd gear even if I do it manually. Accelerates fine but won't shift into 3rd etc... and D4 light blinking again. Code P1773,
Shift Solenoid B.

Complete story -
Clutch Pressure Control Solenoid Valve 'B' would clear code Nd it would be fine for couple days then happen again. I Ohm tested it and selonoid A was fine but selonoid B was open circuit. I just replaced it today.

I replaced it with no problems. Started car and D4 stopped blinking. Drove around apt. complex and all seemed fine. Only 20mph tops. Later I was going to drive somewhere and immediately it wouldn't shift pasted 2nd. It seemed like it would start to try but wouldn't and D4 blinking again. Code P1773. Clutch Pressure Control Solenoid Valve 'B'.

I am going to test selonoid/s tomorrow.

Does anyone know what is going on or what I should do? Fluid level is good Nd not real dark. I also tried unplugging connector from a/t clutch pressure control solenoid B and then the car wouldn't "go into 1st" it felt like. Soon as I start car and put in drive it would Rev but would barely start to move even if I put it in 1st gear.

So I put old a/t clutch pressure control solenoids back in and now the car will drive again as long I shift manually. But goes into gear Nd shifts hard.

Should I just buy the Clutch Pressure Control Solenoid Valve, If the current ones ohm out bad/faulty? If they ohm out fine I will have to check wires /circuit.

Anyone seen this before or have any Ideas?

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