1991 E350 transmission

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Hey ladies and gents! I’m brand new to the forum. Figured if there was any place to get the best automotive insight, it’s right here. (Long time etcg fan)
Anyways, here we go....
I acquired a 1991 ford E350. It has the 351 Windsor and what I am %99.99 positive is the E4od transmission.
I think it has 90,060 miles on it and I don’t think it has rolled over due to where it has been for it’s whole life. But it’s always a possibility I suppose.

Here is a slight backstory, my grandfather bought it from a college auction in North Louisiana where it transported dead people who donated their bodies to science. (creepy i know). He drove it back an forth to his little flea market gig about 45 minutes away. Well he started to have to give it a little starting fluid on cold starts, but after it was warm it would start up fine. No issues, strong trans (keep in mind for later).
Until one day it wouldn’t start at all
Then it sat for almost 2 years. Well he gave the van to me to tinker with and make a hunting/camping vehicle out of. I drove to north Louisiana from central Oklahoma, and hauled it back here on a trailer.
Me and a buddy get to looking at it, put a battery in it, no dice. We go into diag mode, checking voltage, continuity, noid light on injectors, you know... the whole shabang. And we tested EVERYTHING.
Well eventually we got it to start, got it timed correctly, changed plugs, etc.
check engine light came on (Obd1), so I “jumpered” the EEC connector to the test connector and turned the key, waiting for the CEL to flash and give me my codes..... nothing. Just stayed on. Tried jumping it every which way and even tried the test light method. Nada...
fast forward a day. Engine runs great, so We take it for a spin anyways. Cel on and everything. No power, Or very little. Check trans fluid while running, none on stick. Turned out to be about 4 quarts low.
Get her topped off.... nothing. Still stuck in 4th gear.
Did some research and found that in “Limp mode” it will have reverse (I do) 2nd gear (I do) and 4th (I do). I can manually put it in 2nd gear. I can put the shifter in 1st gear, but it will only stay in 2nd. I go to take off, and I start off in 2nd, and have to manually shift it into 4th when up to speed. It will do 60mph all day long, it just takes a while to get there.
So anyways. I take it home, check the fluid again, and I’m good there, not burnt or brown. I go ahead and pull the connectors on the MLPS (manual lever position sensor? I think that’s right) and clean it up real good. I also pull the connector on the solenoid pack on the passenger side. I clean them both up, but no fix. So I bust out the meter again. I have power to both plugs where I should have power, and all wires Ohm out good. In theory, we should be good to go. but I’m still stuck in limp mode and I cant check the codes to see what’s up. (I failed to mention that I also tested the EEC relay. It tested fine)
So here’s my question. I have had a multimeter on dang near every connector pin on the van, it all seems good. Would it be worth it to go ahead and replace the shift solenoid pack? (I have to to pan gasket and filter anyways) or do you think the trans is having another issue from sitting with no fluid in the pan? (remember it was 4 qt low)
I’m at a loss. I’m sure I’m missing some information. Something I’ve tested, etc. but I feel like I have covered all my bases very well.
Me and a buddy who used to rebuild cars for “heartland customs” out of Purcell Oklahoma, have gone through the beast with a fine toothed comb. I’m just curious to get someone else’s insight on this. Maybe I’m missing something.
Thank you all in advance for your help!

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you have a issue with torque converter valve control.

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