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RX300 using oil was created by tjeick
Hi all. I hope I’m in the right forum, I know this is a common problem for this engine. I have a Lexus RX300 with the 1MZ-FE V6. I bought it with 160k or so and now it has 195k. It was using some oil from the start, unfortunately I think it was a bit sludged up inside when I bought it.

Then one day, I let it get too low (oil light came on) and ever since it has used a quart every 400-500 miles. So my question is: does this definitely mean my rings are bad? If so is the engine worth a rebuild or would it be better to replace? How much would a rebuild cost? I live in west MI.

Currently I’m thinking about selling it because of this engine issue and the poor gas mileage, but I’m beginning to wonder if the engine was good, maybe I would get better mpg? I get 15-18 country/city or highway and I am a bit of a lead foot. But I would think it could do better just cruising at 80-85 mph than 16 or 17. I have taken long steady trips and still never been above 20.

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