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6 months 1 week ago #201013 by Frosty_Sax
Broken Valve Guide was created by Frosty_Sax
So, I recently had the timing belt on my 2002 Lancer snap and I've decided to do a full valve job to return it to it's former glory. I just finished Lapping the first guide and move to the second when I notice that the valve doesn't quite want to go through. I push it back through the opposite end to see if it'll move through backwards and a small part of the valve guide broke off.

Now, in my mind, this car has 242,000 miles and I only need it to make it another year or 2 before I retire her or replace the engine entirely. Only about a quarter of the guide has come off and the remaining portion is still seated in the head, perfectly flush with the mounting hole.

My question is: Would it be ok to leave the guide as is until I have a bigger budget or should I definitely replace it for fear of damaging the engine further? I really can't afford a new car or a machine shop at the moment.

Thank you.

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