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HI, I am Scott, New member here. I have a question on an engine setup for my Camaro.

When I purchased the 1978 Camaro, it had the 350 already installed. Once I brought it home, I checked the oil, and found it was new oil. There were two push rods loose, so I had to take care of that before starting the engine. Once I set the timing, it started right up. And because the engine had new oil, I was skeptical, and was listening for a knock.. But none found. I was happy. I am wanting to know, Is it possible to setup that engine for a Roller cam? I have worked with my brother in law on many engines, but never experienced a roller cam setup. now I have helped friends who had that setup. Their block had the three Threaded post in the center where a plate was installed to hold every thing down.. Now my engine I do not have that option. Can I still install a Roller Cam setup? I know with flat tappet setup, I need to have the right oil. If roller cam, then I can buy any oil on the market. I would appreciate any info on this matter.

Thank you in advance.

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