Alternator OEM or after market

6 months 1 week ago #200985 by PVS455
Alternator OEM or after market was created by PVS455
I not a mechanic, just someone wanting to save a buck. Getting error codes related to my alternator and occasionally the battery light on my dash lights up. Looked into it my alternator and the output voltage was low 13.5-13.8. Everything else looked good. I got an after market unit and it was a failure right out of the box. Second one, same output voltage. I couldn't return it. I got someone to rebuild the OEM, same result. Should I get another OEM or just wait for the next inspection and have a real mechanic do his voodoo, possibly another after market unit but get a passing inspection or bite the bullet that a $650 OEM unit will do it?

Thinking about going over my head (background into shady tree vehicle knowledge) and looking at voltages into or out of the ECM, thinking its the ECM is giving the alternator bad information. PS I don't own a scanner/diagnostic computer, just a volt/ohm meter.


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