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8 months 2 weeks ago #200084 by ExileRed
Learning how to wrench was created by ExileRed
Hello All,
I grew up with books and electronics. Never even changed a tire till my late 30s. Now, I'd kinda like to learn a bit more. My daily driver (09 Pontiac Vibe) gets me to work, so I can't really play with that much, cuz if I break it, I can't get to work.

A suggestion I found online said to get a beater car to learn on. Drive it around on weekends and tune and modify to your hearts content.

So, I'm looking for suggestions. I wouldn't mind getting an older (late 70s - 80s) Jeep Wrangler or Ford Ranger. Are either of those good or bad to work on or is there a car out that is just perfect to wrench on?

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3 weeks 4 hours ago #202765 by CrankyGuy
Replied by CrankyGuy on topic Learning how to wrench
Hello, ExileRed
I have read your post and from experienced i can tell you that either of those two cars you want to get will be easy to work on, specially since you are just getting your hands on cars. The only down side to it will be getting parts and if you can get them they might cost you some pretty penny. But everything is possible. I've been doing my own repairs for the past 10 years on all my four vehicles. I have found out that there's no easy car to work on, you just need to initiate that very first step to get something fix. Start doing the easy stuff, and get yourself a good set of sockets and wrenches the experience and confidence will come to you as you progress along.

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