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One last thing on efficiency: Don't forget to check for stuff blocking the radiator. I've seen it more than once. A plastic bag or a bunch of leaves get trapped in front of the radiator, and as a result, the cooling system doesn't work as well as it could. This is an easy fix and is often easy to spot, so don't forget to put your eyes on the front of the radiator and check for debris blocking it. When you look through your vehicle’s grill, you're likely looking at your AC condenser. Any blockages to the condenser will equate to blockages at the radiator because the radiator is mounted right behind it. Sometimes you need to partially remove the radiator or move it back to check between it and the AC condenser; sometimes the debris gets trapped in this area and it can't be seen unless you move the radiator out of the way. So don't forget to check there too. See the above video on overheats.