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Problems with your HVAC will not usually stop you from getting where you’re going, but they can affect driver comfort. In my time as a technician, I've found that some people consider driver comfort above all else. This might not be the best approach. Case in point: Person X has an AC problem and wants it fixed. In the process of checking out the AC, we find a major problem with the engine that should be addressed. Person X is only interested in getting the AC fixed because they only have money for one fix. I fix the AC, and they go away for about a week. Then they end up back at the shop with a blown engine. This is an extreme example, but, sadly, not far off from what I've seen.

AC work can be involved and expensive, but never forget it's a luxury item. Don't compromise the rest of your vehicle because rolling down a window isn't good enough. Use common sense. Lastly, if you're going to do your own AC work, do it responsibly. Don't vent refrigerant into the atmosphere and make sure you have the proper equipment when doing the work.

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