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More in-depth information on engine performance, and the testing you can use to help you find a performance issue, can be found in the Solving Automotive Performance Issues article. As I stated in the beginning, there are many things that can affect your vehicle’s fuel economy. The main takeaway is anything that makes your engine work harder will compromise fuel economy. Therefore, in your search for a cause of poor MPG, be sure to look for things that will drag your engine down and make it not perform as well as it should. Take a common-sense approach. Listen for new noises, keep your eyes peeled for leaks or anything out of the ordinary, and generally feel how your vehicle is running. Be aware of its operation so that when something does go wrong, you’ll feel it before it gets to a critical point. If it feels weird or unsteady, look into it. Don’t be afraid to be intimate with your vehicle. Think of it as a modern-day horse. Treat it well and it will take care of you for years to come. Good luck in your search for better MPG, and thanks for reading.

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Written By EricTheCarGuy
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