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I think that about covers it for leaks. As I’m sure you’re tired of hearing by now, consult your vehicle’s service manual before you do any repairs. This can clue you into any important service procedures for your vehicle. Here’s a video that might help you find the service manual for your vehicle.

As I said in the power steering section, you can use a piece of clean cardboard under your vehicle overnight to help identify the fluid that’s leaking, as well as its source. Also, if you need to clean up a spill or leak, kitty litter does an excellent job. Just leave it on there for a day or so before you sweep it up so it can absorb the leaked fluid. You might even do a little dance on the kitty litter once you have it in place. This aids in the absorption of the leaked fluid. Just don’t get too happy or you’ll have a puddle of goo and a bunch of kitty litter everywhere to clean up. Otherwise, good luck finding and solving the leaks on your vehicle.

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Written By EricTheCarGuy
Edited By Julie Hucke