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ABS, or Anti-lock Brake System, can create some challenges when it comes to servicing some brake systems. It’s also another potential leak source. If you have a brake fluid leak, don’t forget to inspect all the ABS components. If you find a leak in the ABS, you might consider taking your vehicle to a professional. Some ABS systems harbor high-pressure brake fluid to operate. Open the wrong line and you could get more than a face full of high-pressure brake fluid. If you decide to do the work yourself, I strongly suggest you get a service manual for your vehicle that outlines the procedures for the service of your ABS system. This will help keep you out of trouble.

One last thing on ABS systems. Some systems require that you use a scan tool to properly bleed the air out of the brake system. If this is the case, you might need to bring your vehicle to someone with one of these tools to have the brakes bled out. I know this is a pain, but if you’re having issues bleeding the air out of your brake system, you might check to see if you have this type of system. You might be wise to check on this before you even begin the work on your brake system to avoid getting stuck later.