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Battery Care and Maintenance tips was actually suggested by my good friend and forum moderator at EricTheCarGuy.com, College man aka Paul Krawsek. I thought it was a great idea for a video so I ran with it.

The batteries in our vehicles are often overlooked until they don't work. With a little time, some relatively inexpensive tools, and a basic knowledge of what to look for, you can keep your battery working for a very long time. You'll also know if the battery isn't on it's way out before there is a failure. No on likes getting stranded and this is a good way to prevent that.

I hope the tips in this video are helpful and help you take care of your automotive batteries.

Thanks for watching.

The best place for answers to your automotive questions: http://www.ericthecarguy.com

More info on battery maintenance: http://www.batterystuff.com/kb/articles/battery-articles/battery-basics.html

Information on Specific Gravity: http://support.rollsbattery.com/support/articles/4347-measuring-specific-gravity

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Tools and Other Stuff:

Zep Battery Cleaner:

Zep Battery Cleaner ZAA710 Zep Automotive Battery Cleaner & Protector



Battery Holder/Carrier Tool:

ATD Tools 5486 Heavy Duty Battery Carrier ATD Tools 5486 Heavy-Duty Battery Carrier



Terminal Cleaner:

Performance Tool W147FB Battery Terminal Cleaner Performance Tool W147FB Battery Terminal Cleaner



Battery Charger:

Clore Automotive 4506 6 12 volt Charge It Clore Automotive 4506 6/12 volt Charge It Smart Battery Charger



Battery Load Tester:

Clore Automotive 1852 100 amp Battery Load Tester Clore Automotive 1852 100 amp Battery Load Tester



Battery Conductance Tester:

Midtronics PBT50 Battery Conductance Tester Midtronics PBT50 Battery Conductance Tester




Electronic Specialties 480A Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter Electronic Specialties 480A Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter



Battery Terminals:

Performance Tool W1686C Deluxe Lead Battery Terminal Performance Tool W1686C Deluxe Lead Battery Terminal



Really Good Battery Terminals:

Audiopipe X700P Battery Terminal XXX Positive Audiopipe X700P Battery Terminal XXX Positive



Battery Hold Down Kit:

Performance Tool W1691C Crossbar Battery Hold Down Performance Tool W1691C Crossbar Battery Hold Down



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