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If you're installing a new or rebuilt transmission into your vehicle, it's a good idea to flush the transmission cooler. When your old transmission failed, it probably sent a bunch of gunk right into your transmission cooler. Before you run your new transmission it's a very good idea to get all of that gunk out of there. It's a simple procedure that can save that shiny new transmission you just installed. In addition to that, if you have a Honda like I do, it's an even better idea to install a new in line filter into the system. This will ensure that your new transmission lasts a good long time. In this video we flush the transmission cooler and install a new filter into my 2001 Honda Odyssey. After all I've been through with this van lately, it's great piece of mind.

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Transmission issues

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Manual or Automatic, this article goes over the finer points of how to locate and repair issues with your vehicles transmission.

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