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facebooktwitterGoogle Plusyoutubeetcg1flickr logo is the place you go when you're broke and your ride is also broke.  Here you will find a wealth of automotive information, instructional videos, a complete list of OBDII and some OBDI codes, an automotive forum, tools, and many other resources to help you with your automotive issues big and small. The quickest way to find answers is by looking through our FAQ articles. These articles are divided into subcategories that make finding the information you're looking for easy and efficient. These articles include information on overheating issues, engine performance problems, idle issues, no starts, automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, brakes, noises, vibrations, HVAC, electrical, as well as what to look for when purchasing a used car. You can also use our search function to quickly comb through our entire database for quick answers to your automotive questions and OBDII code information. If you don't find an answer using those resources, sign up to the site, join our forum, and ask your question in the "Service and Repair Questions Answered Here" thread on our Forum. We'll be happy to offer suggestions on how to help solve your automotive issues. Registration to the website and forum is free, all you need is a pulse and a valid email address. Just be sure to respond to the conformation email that should end up in your inbox after you begin the registration process. If you don't see this email check your spam or bulk folder. You WILL need to click the activation link in this email in order to complete the registration process. If you have issues logging in, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll be happy to assist you. At you can also find a searchable library of EricTheCarGuy videos as well as access to exclusive EricTheCarGuy content via our Premium Membership. A Premium Membership at entitles you to exclusive videos and content, early releases of EricTheCarGuy and ETCG1 videos, a special "Members Only" thread on the forum, as well as discounts on VManuals. VMAnauls are step by step instructional videos showing how to do things like timing belts and clutch replacements on some vehicles. So if you're a DIYer, an automotive technician, or anything in between you've found the place for automotive information and help with your automotive issues.  If you'd like to learn more about EricTheCarGuy and his credentials, visit the 'About' page here at the website.  Other than that, welcome to!

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EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #17 4/23/2014

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The hang out will begin 7pm EST 4/23/2014. In this live segment I will once again be answering your questions during the hang out. You can post them below and I will do my best to answer as many questions I can during the show. Any questions posted to the event after the event takes place will not be answered. Questions posted to the YouTube video will also not be answered. I know I'm so picky right? If you need help now, or your question did not get answered, you can always post those to my forum here.
Events page:

Recalls -ETCG1

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GM ignition switch recalls have been in the news lately and I thought I would make this video addressing recalls in general. This is not a slam of any particular manufacturer, it's just a discussion about recalls and their effect on the vehicle buying public.

How To Check Oil Pressure

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If you have an oil pressure warning light on, or your oil pressure gauge reads low, it may be time to check the oil pressure with a mechanical gauge. You need to determine if it's a problem with the sending unit or if you really do have low oil pressure. This video will walk you through the steps of how to check oil pressure on your engine.

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12:20PM Apr 24
EricTheCarGuy Still time to post your questions for tonights live show 7pm EST. Just follow the link....
04:30PM Apr 23

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